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WIDU.AFRICA project promotion among African in Germany


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Description of the project

The project aims to strengthen computer education among children between the ages of 9 and 15 years in Sachsen.
Although access to internet and computer is not a problem in Germany, computer education orientation among children is not as expected. Some children do not have the opportunity to attend workshops to learn more about technology and how to use it. Children from disadvantaged homes, children in migrant communities, children living in young people homes etc. rarely get the chance to learn how to use the computer.
Children from these areas have little to do during their free times and over the weekends. They are usually playing with their phones or that of their parents or watching television. Some do not have access to computers connected to the internet to learn. During the COVID period, many children are supposed to stay home, and parents are to supervise these children’s activities. Parents from the less endowed homes do not have the luxury of staying home with their children. They have to work during the day or sometime in the night, making it impossible to support them properly.
An opportunity to learn how to use the computer, build software, websites and others will go a long way to help the child’s growth. Code for Afrika e.V. in collaboration with Code Camp Leipzig and Impact Hub Leipzig would like to organise workshops to teach children from such backgrounds how to use the computer to code, build websites and use other computer programs. The Code it! Platform, from a partner startup in Leipzig, Code it! Studio will be used.