Coding education project between Code for Afrika e.V. and Institute of ICT Professionals (IIPGH)

Code for Afrika e.V., Germany, a diaspora organisation in collaboration with IIPGH developed the “Coding Education in Ghana Project” to support the promotion of coding in Ghana. Under the project, teachers and facilitators will be introduced to the code it! Platform. The platform was developed by Code it! Studio, a partner startup of the Code [...]

Digital Education

Digital literacy as a fourth literacy has become necessary to talk about in education and eLearning. Although reading, writing, and mathematics are respected as the basis of being literate, literacy in this day is not complete if a person is not capable of accessing and creating digital information.

Using technology to improve remittance usage for sustainable development

Ghanaians, living abroad transfer monies back home regularly to support their families and friends. These money transfers are mostly for consumption and in some cases, to assist their business endeavours. Remittance contribution to individuals cannot be underestimated. It contributes to the economic growth of many developing economies. Even during this period of COVID -19 pandemic, [...]